Paula Arnold Associates

Paula is a consultant and certified MWBE. Her extensive background includes public and media relations, training and public service. Combined with a long history is a fresh perspective brought to every endeavor, whether she’s championing an educational cause or helping a business reinvent itself from the inside out.
A methodical problem solver, Paula has served on the HISD Board of Trustees, twice as president, and coordinated the Harris County-area gubernatorial campaign for Ann Richards. With a talent for creating events and attention, she has coordinated bond campaigns for HISD and Houston Community College. She is also the chair-elect of the American Leadership Forum and the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, and serves on the boards of the Texas Freedom Network, Pro-Vision Academy, Center for the Reform of School Systems, and Recipe for Success.
Leadership is in her DNA, especially if her involvement helps others in genuine need. Paula has enthusiastically offered her time and expertise to organizations including the YWCA, the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County, Leadership Houston, PTA, the Belize Eye Clinic for Benevolent Missions, Inc. and the local United Methodist Church.

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